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Minto Communications Network

Minto operates a high-quality LTE radio-based telecommunications system engineered to provide reliable, high quality, high-speed internet service capability of 50 Mbps (download) / 10 Mbps (upload) service. Customer access is provided through modern carrier-grade Point to Multi-Point LTE fixed access radio systems operating in the publicly available 3.65 Ghz radio spectrum frequency. All our radio sites are connected to our central office through high-capacity point-to-point digital microwave radio systems operating in the 11 / 15 GHz radio spectrum frequency.

Minto has 5 customer access radio sites located throughout the upper Bridge River valley, and a central office facility in located in Gold Bridge, BC. All radio sites throughout the serving area feature secured, steel enclosure equipment shelters, commercial radio towers, and are all on-grid BC Hydro powered, with both battery and propane backup generator power in case of on-grid power failure.

Minto’s core network utilizes industry standard routers and servers and is supported with state-of-the-art network management and monitoring systems that allows real-time monitoring and management of the network and its performance. These systems provide the ability to see end-to-end network performance and proactively manage our customer experience.

Connectivity out of the valley is provided through a high-capacity internet connection connecting our central office point-of-presence in Gold Bridge with TELUS Communications.



The provision and operation of this network was made possible through the significant financial grant assistance from the following organizations:

Province of BC Connecting British Columbia /Northern Development Initiative Trust

Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

  • CIRA is a member-based not-for-profit organization, best known for managing the .CA internet domain on behalf of all Canadians. CIRA offers a number of services, including .ca domains, cybersecurity services, and registry services.
  • Grant funding was received through CIRA’s Community Investment Program. CIRA funds innovative community internet projects to build a resilient, trusted and secure internet for all Canadians. Since 2014, CIRA has provided $9.2 million in funding for 185 projects across Canada.
  • www.cira.ca

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District

  • Grant funding was provided through the Community Works Fund Agreement Under The Administrative Agreement On The Federal Gas Tax Fund In British Columbia.
  • www.SLRD.bc.ca