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Payments - 5% GST & 7% PST is added to all prices listed. Payment for service is due by the 1st of each month. Cheque payments are accepted via Canada Post or in person at the Community Resource Office in Gold Bridge. Online payments are available with the CIBC or BC Credit Unions. Failure to provide payment may result in service disconnection. $10 reconnection fees will apply.

Installation - The basic installed equipment includes the radio, cable and a standard mounting plate. It will be installed at a location on your dwelling that receives the best line of sight to the repeater. It includes the CAT-5 data cabling from the radio to your computer or wireless router inside your home. If an external pole or tower is required to mount the radio in order to receive an adequate signal, this will be an additional cost agreed upon by you and the installer. This is not part of the basic installation service. Basic installation is $200 per radio and includes rental of the equipment for the lifetime of the subscription. Up to 2hrs of labour is included for the installation.

Configuration - Computer configuration is not included beyond the basic IP address set up. If you require additional technical assistance, you will be billed for the extra time at $50/hr. If a wireless router is connected to the MCS network, it must be configured for remote access and the password given to MCS. This is to allow MCS to configure the router settings to minimize interference with other users and the network. This ensures you the best speed possible.

Ownership - MCS retains the ownership of the installed radio equipment, antenna and mount. If you terminate the service, the equipment must be returned to MCS in good working order within 10 days or it will be recovered by MCS at your cost. If equipment is returned damaged, the customer is responsible for replacement costs. Customers are responsible for maintaining equipment in a secure location and are responsible for damage to the equipment.

Network Usage - In order to provide the best service possible, the MCS has defined a Fair Use Policy (FUP) and an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The FUP highlights the issues and consequences of generating internet traffic on the MCS network in a manner that will harm the overall performance of the network for all users. The AUP outlines acceptable use of the MCS service. MCS reserves the right to change the rate plan at it’s discretion & to limit the number of service feeds to any subscriber. Please review the MCS Subscriber Agreement, the AUP & the FUP for the Terms Of Service located in the Policy section of the website.

Copyright Infringement - Clients are advised that the new Canadian Copyright Law C-31 makes it illegal to download copyright material such as movies & music. MCS is required by the Canadian Copyright Law C-31 to provide the name of the subscriber downloading copyright material if requested by the courts.

By subscribing to the MCS High Speed Internet Service you agree to accept and be bound by the Terms Of Service.